Monday, 21 July 2014

Still Jobs to Do

Early morning, two Barn Owls hunting, two Spoonbills, eight Little Egrets 100+ Snipe, felt more like a morning on the Norfolk coast.

Blackberries in the garden not quite ripe although the Blackbirds are taking them. Once again they stripped my Whitecurrant of all the fruit. Blackcurrants are however doing very well (8Kg aready in the freezer). The raspberries and a few ripe blackberries have made the best fruit corners for my breakfast yogurt ... aaah the 'Goode Life'. 

These cute birds were being carefully watched by two adult Ringed Plover. The first pair raised their young at least four weeks ago. This late brood will easily have time to fully fledge if the dog walkers keep their animals under control.

These young Swallows roost at Druridge and are learning to catch flies on the wing.

Still waiting to test my new Field Guide, Spiders

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