Friday, 21 February 2014

Purple Sandpiper (Colour-ringed)

Found this Purple Sandpiper at Newbiggin today. Sent of the details to Kjell Mork Soot in Norway and early this afternoon I had a reply! Technology is quite amazing these days; from the digital camera, communication via email and finally tweeting and blogging the outcome.

Ring no : Stavanger 8B10335.
Flag lime HAE ( Left tarsus : metal. Left tibia : orange colour ring.  Right tibia: lime flag engraved with three black letters HAE)
Age/sex: 2K+  male/ 2cy+ male (hatched 2009 or before)
Ringing date: 02.08.2010, 13 hrs
Ringing place: Longyearbyen (78.13.13N-15.40.06E)  Svalbard / Spitsbergen
Ringer: Ole Edvard Torland

Obeserved  03.06 + 04.06.2012 Longyearbyen (Kjell Mork Soot)

Finding date: 21.02.2014, 10 a.m.
Observed : Newbiggin  (55.11N-01.31W) Northumberland, England.
Remarks:    Photodocumented. Distinct photo of the flag.
Distance: 2643 km SSW. Direction:  205  deg. Time : 3-6-19. (3 years-6 months - 19 days).


A fantastic day birding the patches. Even when the birding is slow (which it wasn't today) a close examination of the shorebirds can be very rewarding. I'll publish more details of the projects to look out for tomorrow. 

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