Monday, 17 February 2014

Avoiding the Birders

Around the patches on Sunday and Monday.

The Chev feeding station can easily occupy an hour. Plenty to admire.
Maiden's Hall Lake has a good selection of waterfowl, scan the south shore to find the hidden gadwall and lapwing.
Too many birders at Chev meant a detour to the dunes and it was nice to meet N&M. Just then the 1st Year M Harrier appeared in the sunlight.

Druridge today hosted a Black-throated Diver (wonder if it is the same one touring the inland pools).
Jacob Sheep? What a sight!
Widdrington Moor Lake is really developing nicely. Good numbers of waterfowl; 4 buzzards, 20 yellowhammers, 6 linnet and 8 stock doves. Definitely a site to watch this year. (Prediction ... LRP)

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