Sunday, 17 November 2013

Weekend Watching

Saturday highlights 12 Snowbs north at Chev, Scaup (Ponteland Hide) Hauxley, Little Gull burn mouth Chev and Shelduck Chev (unusual this time of year).

Sunday highlights: 3 Twite, 35 Snowbs just left message on RBA when a microlight (Don't you love em?) flushed them sending them North and out of sight. Met TD just before but his mobile didn't respond when I called him. A probable flyover Lapland Bunting will go unrecorded despite three attempts to nail the ID from call and profile. Within half an hour it flew S, then N, then S again ... on your patch IR? Texted IR about Glaucous Gull but no response. Glaucous Gull almost the same as last week quick wash and out, heading NE from Chev. Probably a daily routine c09:00. Apparently 2 Bearded Tits were seen today at Chev N Pool.

Avoided the temptation to twitch Lesser Grey, instead enjoyed the flock of Goldcrest, Tits and Treecreepers in the Country Park.

Lots of RB Mergs in the bay and even more Divers (although distant).

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