Monday, 4 April 2022

April 'an early birthday present'

Right Place, Right Time

Common Crane

This is probably the bird which has been seen a few times over the last couple of weeks. I was approaching the main road to Amble from the Hadston Boat Compound and spotted this bird flying North. It looked to be descending so after a few snaps. I drove around to likely fields but didn't relocate it. Despite their size they can be hard to spot on the ground.


Earlier this morning at East Chevington I heard two Greenshank on the North Pool but didn't see them. I assumed I had been mistaken (A bit early?). 

Then I spotted them on the Island. 

AP mentioned someone reported Greenshank heard in March. I also heard Greenshank calls last week (Tuesday) and I was definitely not going to claim them without seeing them but now, I am sure that's what I heard.

Well it has been a busy few days and to finally get out for some birding today I was handsomely rewarded with these two sightings. Definitely a much appreciated early Birthday present!


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