Monday, 9 August 2021

Learning Curve

Diphysus quadripunctoris

Well that is what I thought. A similar looking Ichneumon might be correct though.


Cresswell continues to host a variety of waders. Yesterday a Little Stint was a nice surprise but by the time I got to the hide it had gone. A Harrier overhead quickly followed by a hunting Merlin probably hastened its departure.

Emerald Damselflies

Sermylassa halensis

Again, my best guess. A similar looking carabid fit the bill but didn't fit the habitat.

Little Egret

According to BiN 2001 (twenty years ago ... great at maths huh!) it was classed as a rare visitor. How many of us now take little notice of them? 11 today at Cresswell. It is worth noting that a check for Snowy Egret, Cattle Egret or Western Reef Heron can fill a dull few minutes when the birding is 'slow'.

Little Ringed Plover


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