Sunday, 11 July 2021

Grass Guessing

Yes, time to look at something different. Decided to try my hand at finding some common grass species on the patch. Apologies for incorrect IDs.

Common Reed


Yorkshire Fog


Tufted Hair-grass


OK, that'll do for starters.


Get real close and you'll see they have fantastic, tiny flowers. Yes, I still pull them out of my garden before they strangle everything else.


Not quite sure how to separate Seaside and Common. Hoping this is Seaside.

Black Tern


Three fledged Marsh Harriers. The male is still very active, regularly bringing in prey. The female not so obvious although I did catch a sighting of her today high above the field the farmer was cutting. She has already started her post breeding moult and is missing a couple of inner primaries.


Sadly the other pair failed to fledge any young. There are many reasons why this may have occurred: disturbance by wildflower planting adjacent to nest. photographers getting too close. reed planting in the pool and the loud voices, fox seen near nest, Otter in nearby reedbed, inexperienced pair or a combination of these factors.

Guess we'll never know.

You know me and my opinions on ringing, so I'll not whinge too much. Can't locate this Avocet project.

Can only guess at the colours of this one although it is probably the earl bird ringed at Cresswell many years back.

Couldn't read code for this one and didn't want to flush birds. (Might be a Polish bird.)

Coot on sea. A first for me I think.

Finally a Roseate Tern on the patch!


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