Friday, 2 July 2021


Common Blue

Roe Deer

Dyer's Greenweed

Fabulous plant and if I remember correctly used with Woad (used to make blue dye) to make Green colour.

Dune Robber Fly

(with Cranefly sp? prey)

Latticed Heath

Dark Green Fritillary
(This butterfly is becoming more common on my patch. It is quite common at Druridge and especially on Holy Island.)


Jack Snipe

Not a bird you would expect to see in July at Druridge.


Sooo Cute!

Fragrant Orchid

Well I think it is? I have heard of records from 15-20 years ago but never seen one myself. Long Spur, smell very strong like a delicate perfume (and that considering my sense of smell is poor (not covid related!)) and narrow leaves.

Not sure about this one. White variant of common spotted?

Oh dear!

Looks bad.

No it is a Chiffchaff sunbathing. I thought it might be anting but think now it was just topping up the Vitamin D.

These would have made good mystery bird photos!

Why the expletive in the title?

 I missed the Soft-plumaged Petrel

It obviously flew past me at Snab and despite the regular updates I still did not see it. Congratulations to all those who saw it and to everyone who provided the information especially Ross Ahmed for his timings.


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