Monday, 17 May 2021

So Slow

Well so far it has been a funny spring. This was only my second Common Sandpiper of the year.

Spot the 'Odd One Out'

Little Gull and Black-headed Gull

Brown Hare

Aaah so cute. The Goose farm has opened several new branches. The general public love these birds. Big enough to see without binoculars. So pack your local reserves with them and keep everyone happy.

Reed Warbler

(Showing Well ... 'birderspeak)

It is not long ago that the place to catch a glimpse of one of these was to visit Gosforth Park. This year there are 10+ singing males at DBCP. Amazing when you see the size (small) of the reedbeds.

Alder Fly
Sialis Sp.

(Possibly Sialis fuliinosa?)

Zoom in and you can see the eggs on the stem.

No Mow May

Don't you just love a nature reserve!


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