Friday, 2 April 2021

April Surprises

When I saw this I was taken aback. On closer inspection this Tree Sparrow seems to have lost some feathering and exposed darker downy feathers. I wonder if this is the one using my blue tit nest box?


Sorry, couldn't resist it!

Google and Books out for this one this afternoon.

Black Redstart

I failed to see the long staying Newbiggin bird so I was delighted to come across this one. Then I realised there were two, ha ha, just like buses.

I spent nearly an hour watching these birds and the accompanying Pied wagtails and Wrens feeding nearby.

This Collared Dove fledged on April 1st. A second fledged today. I guess this means the eggs were in the nest in February. Now I know why the adults have been pestering me to feed them over the last two weeks.

The annual Greenfinch visiting my garden. It will be great to watch them displaying early morning when the weather improves. My first Siskin visited the Nyger seed feeder too, unfortunately it didn't linger for a photo.




  1. Have a look at buffish mining bee for your bee

  2. Thanks I don't think there is enough detail on photo to id it. I did get to Andrena sp (mining bees) when I searched but left it at that.