Monday, 9 November 2020

November in the Bay



Velvet Scoter

Some fabulous mornings in the Bay during the last few days. The advice to stay at home (except for ...) had me looking forward to my daily exercise from home. However with broken stiles, overgrown footpaths and nearby Pheasant Shooting it makes me think I will be using my car to do short trips to a starting point for my walks.

Bar-tailed Godwit

It still amazes me how many people, so wrapped up in their own little worlds, still refuse to make space when passing by on footpaths. They don't respond favourably when I ask them for more space.

Grey Plover

Birders and Photographers are just as much to blame. How many of them have been to see the Newbiggin Shorelark, Newbiggin Black Redstart and the Morpeth Hawfinches? Goodness knows what will happen when a rarer bird is discovered. Well if it is on my patch you won't hear it from me.


One morning recently I had the good fortune to get brief views of Bittern, a close (and I mean close) encounter with a Barn Owl, three different Kingfishers, a hunting Marsh Harrier and a Singing Cetti's Warbler.

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