Monday, 11 March 2019

Marching On

The Green-winged Teal gave betters views eventually.

The warm southerly winds didn't last and now we're back to chilly winds, cold temperatures and rain. That's more like it.

Nevertheless up to six Chiffchaffs have been seen in the bay and a couple of Lesser Black-backed Gulls put in an appearance. The Avocets are wandering around the bay area and someone has kindly dug out the channel again at Cresswell. It will get blocked regularly at this time of year so it is essential to keep working on clearing it.


Common Teal for comparison. Barn Owls are putting on a great show some mornings and if you stand still and wait they may give very close views as they fly past.

Newbiggin this morning and plenty of Rock pipits. Most were very flighty which was a shame because some are showing the colouring of the Littoralis sub species (not this one though).

Egyptian Goose

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