Thursday, 9 November 2017

New Birds Still Being Found

Snow Bunting sightings are increasing. This one was at Newbiggin and I also had views of another at South Shields (9h Nov).

I watched a few Fieldfare arriving, one only just had enough energy to get to the shore. Most however continued inland without pausing to rest.

Shore Lark numbers double (to two)

A trip to Gibside made a welcome change from the coast.

Early morning before my trip to Gibside I visited the pier at South Shields to look for the Grey Phalarope. Unfortunately the gate was still locked when I had to leave at 08:15.

On my return in the early afternoon the Phalarope was very close to the pier and one photographer who ventured on to the rocks found the bird kept swimming towards him.

'Who are you looking at?'

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