Monday, 19 June 2017

Part 1 ... some bigger stuff

Over the last week I visited a restricted area which as bursting with wildlife. I was pleased not to find anything rare because there would have been no access to anyone else. Secondly, after trudging across uneven land I came across a fabulous 'Dragon' pool. I was there for two hours all alone and as amazed at the number and variety of species. Finally I headed for Stobswood today and heard the unmistakeable call of Quail. Didn't see one but that did not matter in the least.


Mr Blue Bill

Oops another insect creeps in.Drinker Moth (caterpillar) probs.

Promising behaviour this week!

... bit of lunch

Saw this before and after photographing the plant 'Fox-and-cubs', how timely?

...more insects to identify ... aagh!

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