Sunday, 4 June 2017

Monster Post

Burnet Moth caterpillar and pupa.

Distant shot of this stunning Ruff

Nettle Weevil

Clouded Border

14-spot Ladybird

This Jay has been raiding nests around the Chevington reserve for two days. Breeding birds have had a good time, plenty of  food and good weather, but that inevitably leads to an increase in predation. Life's Cycle?

Brimstone Moth

Silver-ground Carpet

Roe Deer

Doesn't do what it says on the Van!

This was unexpected! This field was spared the Opencast because of its special plant community. When it was restored I was outraged that broad leaved herbicide was used nearby and nearly wiped out the plants. Thankfully it was after the flowering period and had no lasting effect. So to find the Northumberland Wildlife Trust camping on their own special plant site was unbelievable! I hope they are ASHAMED!

The Northumberland Wildlife Trust has a Teaching Hide and area where camping would not cause too much damage. Why didn't they use that?

Sea Sandwort

Arrowgrass (Marsh?)

Sea Milkwort

Yellow Iris

Blue Iris

Common Spotted Orchid

Herb Robert

Compact Rush



Water Avens (fruit)

Viper's Bugloss


Cut-leave Cranesbill

I feel sorry for those folk who walked past Degsy and said "How boring, must be like watching paint dry"! Open your eyes and appreciate what is around you!

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