Wednesday, 21 October 2015

The Coast

Following news of a bright yellow Wilson's Warbler up North I was pleased to find my own lemon yellow beauty in the trees at Hauxley.

In the last couple of weeks I have visited most sites between Tynemouth and Lindisfarne. There are some great birds to be seen and always the chance of 'the special one', no not the Chelsea manager.

Very pleased with this, 1/40th second setting, virtually no light but easily recognisable if a little blurred.

Not the most handsome of waders in winter plumage but worth checking in case there is an American mixed in with the flock.

Flies ... lots ad the pipits and wagtails were very happy.

Crossbills were noted at three sites, GS Woodpeckers more obvious than usual and Kingfishers  and their posts cropping up everywhere.

Some redpolls worth checking.

Oh and just in case the little teaser at the start got you, here is one with its tail showing.

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