Friday, 7 November 2014

Little Auk .. update

This Little Auk was looking pretty sick on the beach. It kept following me and even sat on my shoe at one stage. After struggling to carry it home whilst also carrying tripod and camera, I tried to tempt it with food.

After a couple of hours in the warmth its feathers were in much better condition. It looked well enough to release. I wasn't sure a night in a box would help it.

Despite the rainstorms there were plenty of flies along the beach.

Coquet Island looking great in the post storm greyness.

Snow Buntings are scatttered around the coast. (1 Newbiggin, 4 Chevington and 2 Low Hauxley)

The litle auk released at dusk seemed quite perky, diving and preening. No sign of it on Saturday .. did it make it?

Well camouflaged

another Snow Bunting


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