Wednesday, 4 September 2013


A Quick Update.

Monday back to work! Tedious meetings by a variety of speakers from the inept to the average. A midday call from DD and news of a White-rumped Sandpiper at Chev. Fortunately an early start and working lunch meant an early escape. W-rS still present and seen. The distance meant largely relying on other peoples directions (thanks).

Tuesday more tedious meetings ending with a late speaker, with the ability of an Amoeba (&%$£). A late finish and back to Chev. Great close views of W-rS. The water level continues to expose fresh mud, ideal for migrant waders.

Wednesday; proper work! No *%%3^% and some actual work (Yes it is work!). Midday text from BD; Pec Sand Chev! Late finish after a 7am start, but Pec still present! Yes!

Please don't find anything until Friday pm. I think it's looking good for Friday afternoon and Saturday morning. (Fingers Crossed!)

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