Thursday, 10 December 2020

South Shields Pier

This Snow Bunting (one of four) was sporting a white ring with E3 code. It may be a bird ringed in Calais in 2013. (Another code E0 was ringed then and appeared on South Shields Pier in  March 2013 I think.) So I'm awaiting details.

Great to get a quick response from Quentin. Just arrived early evening. This bird is at least 7 years old! Any birders checking the South Shields Buntings should check to see if the others are ringed. This was in a small flock of 4 but the others avoided close scrutiny.

The Turnstones on the pier have become very tame. I'm wondering if local toggers are feeding them be cause the followed us everywhere as you'll see from Mum snapping them with her iPhone.


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