Tuesday, 25 February 2020

Plenty of Interest

 Great Spotted Woodpecker near the feeders looking rather damp, unsurprisingly.

Reed Bunting
 Not quite in peak condition and also a bit damp.

Herring Gull (JCA18)

Ringed Flatskjaer, Norway 24/06/2015 (Nestling)
Photographed by me at Amble: 14/02/2017, 08/04/2019 and 24/02/2020. 
Also regularly spotted in Norway during the Summer.

Wind drops, 'Sun' appears and Temperature rises.


Great Crested Grebes


Posted a picture of what I  thought was Blackthorn. I was happy to be corrected by BSBI and MPF. To me the sepals were not not reflexed but I hadn't considered the green twigs. This however was a much easier call for a very amateur botanist like me.

Sepals clearly Reflexed
Green Twigs
Leaves at same time as flowers.


Sorry I cant resist some birds and I post them quite often. However these Siskins were so acrobatic I had to post their 'shapes'.

Oh and the Redpolls have been learning some 'moves' also.





AP told me the other day their locally known as 'bairns without dads' because they flower without leaves.

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