Monday, 3 June 2019

Can you believe it?

Since retiring it's a phrase I use often.

This morning before a planned trip to Cragside I quickly visited Druridge. Just as I arrived four Spoonbills flew in. Magic!

They were unsettled. They fed briefly, flew around the field, landed near south facing hide, fed again and finally went to sleep.

This colour ringed bird may have been ringed in the Netherlands. Very happy with the start to the morning I felt it was unlikely to get better on the patch so off to Cragside.
Warning Blousy Flower pictures to come later!


No phone signal except in tiny restricted areas. Voicemail arrived long after sent, an enquiry about the Spoonbills. I tried replying by text but it didn't send straight away. A little later a call from HG all I heard was Baikal before the call went dead. Then HG got through and we got most of the message.

I eventually got to East Chevington and managed a couple of distant photographs and some very good scope views.

Hoping for some better photos if it stays until tomorrow.

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