Tuesday, 12 June 2018

A Second Record for Northumberland! Get In!


It is not a bird ;-(

Found these mating Robberflies.
I spent over an hour trying to ID these.I managed a close resemblance on a Netherlands Website.Unfortunately the translation didn't include the species name.

I posted the picture on Twitter and got a reply saying it looked like a rare species for Northumberland but they needed more pictures to rule out the Neoitamus species which was what I had found online.

I went back to the site this morning (not very hopeful) but was staggered to find one less than a metre from the mating pair photographed yesterday. This time I managed  a shot with the wings and Tweeted it immediately.

It was confirmed!
Second (and 3rd for today) recorded for Northumberland! The first record was 2017 by John Bridges.

So here it is!
Pied-winged Robberfly
(Pamponerus germanicus)

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