Wednesday, 26 July 2017

and a few 'Bugs'


Plume Moth Sp?
Thought it would be easy to ID, but I failed. It was near a patch of Sneezewort but this didn't help.

Oops sorry didn't mean to include a bird, yet?

Large Yellow Underwing
(Noctua pronuba)

Dung Beetle
(Geotrupes tercorarius)

ound this lying on its back. I should have photographed it before turning it over because the blue underside is stunning.When I did turn it over it didn't move far so I'm not sure it survived.

(Capsus ater)

Plant bug associated with grasses. Less than 1cm in length. The 2nd antennal segment swollen towards the apex made the ID fairly easy. (If I got it right?)

Drinker (moth)
(Euthrix potatoria)

Having seen lots of caterpillars in the dunes this spring it was great to find an adult sheltering in the hide at Druridge.

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