Friday, 26 May 2017

No Plants (almost)

This is a tremendous time of year with lots of new arrivals. Migrants and Fledglings. The signs of predators are all around; broken shells, feathers, legs of birds etc.

This Coot manages to steer the Heron away from its young but the Coot at Cresswell was clearly responsible for the destruction of an Avocet nest, while raiding nesting material and battling with the adult Avocet.

Decided not to bother with the trip North this year?

A little quieter now they've got mouths to feed.

After gorging themselves on nettle, then pupation and they'll emerge even better looking than the one below.

A decent breakfast meant this bird didn't move far during the four hours I was nearby.

(Tyria jacobaeae)

Dark Tussock (moth caterpillar)

(Araneus diadematus)

I think these might be the nymphal stage of the Red and Black Frohopper.

Little Stint (Cresswell) thanks to JA for the info, also present LRP and Common Sand.

This LRP was found the next day at an inland reservoir. I had a great morning there with both Flycatchers, Redstart, Adder and a very loud Roe Buck.

Red Admiral

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