Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Where to Look?

(Bellis perennis)

Looking skywards for Raptors and Cranes, looking down at Plants and Insects, straight ahead for people avoidance! Where to Look?

(Primula veris)

Dame's Violet
(Hesperis matronalis)

Apparently the Dame refers to Damascus although the Lartin name suggests otherwise. Both colour varieties in bloom at Newbiggin.

Greater Periwinkle
(Vinca major)

Common Dog-violet
(Viola riviniana)

Spur paler than petals c.f. Sweet Violet on previous post.

Violets are one of this insects favourites along with Primroses.
Dark-edged Bee-fly



Four species of butterflies on show today, the most surprising being a Speckled Wood. (The other not shown was a Small White.)

Red Admiral

(Prunus spinosa)

Dark Legs above
Pale (orangey) legs below

I think this is ...
Common Field-speedwell
(Veronica persica)

Today I had the biggest group of Sand Martins (100+) at Chevington but as soon as the sun appeared and the temperature rose they started feeding higher over the lake before drifting away.

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