Monday, 13 February 2017


Well what a miserable few days. Dark, wet and a cold wind that penetrated all the layers I was wearing. Thoroughly unpleasant.

At least the natural world offered plenty to cheer me up.


Pacific Diver made it on to my WeBS count on Sunday. It has been flying around a lot in recent days and I thought it might leave. But, apart from a quick excursion to DBCP, it seems settled at Chev.

Cuttlebone (or Cuttlefish bone)
It's actually a gas filled, internal shell of the Cuttlefish and used for buoyancy. Lots of small ones washed up on the shore this morning.


What a treat on a cold day. The male flowers nice and obvious and rarely given a second glance.

However, get in closer and you find the female flower with the bright red stigmas.


Even the twigs have dense reddish hairs.

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