Friday, 20 February 2015

Why Wish Away Winter?

This time of year is good for catching up with local birds and refreshing ID knowledge. This was at Amble, a bit sharper than last post. A grey Herring Gull at Widdringon Moor Lake ( a shade darker than its mates) made me consider Yellow-legged Gull, but the bird never left the water). Two days later I found the same bird this time roosting, so after a 30 minute wait (a Peregrine helped the time pass) it woke, stood up and revealed lovely pink legs .. boo hoo.

A trip south of the Tyne (Tunstall Reservoir and Low Barns NR) gave me a chance to study a tricky species. My immediate thoughts were Willow Tit. I hope my ID is correct. Closer inspection shows the pale wing panel which I always thought was the key. However, time of year and wear pattern can make this unreliable. The dull cap and large white cheek patch probably enough to confirm it as a Willow Tit. Please Tweet me if I'm wrong ... we all still have lots to learn.

Sometimes the more experienced you get the more you forget and don't appreciate the commoner birds.

Grey Partridge

These Waxwings in Morpeth (found by TF and JF I think) could prove quite annoying, only showy when the light was poor. So my third trip today allowed me some photo opportunities.

Yet to get a sharp image but they were worth the effort.

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