Tuesday, 31 December 2013

It Is All Over!

All done! The final day was spent at a few of my target patches for 2014. Branton Lakes to marvel at the Goosander and the unfortunately positioned hide with a door that doesn't close, Boulmer Beach and the wader flocks before rounding off the day with another helping of starlings coming to roost.

196 species on the patch in 2013. Missed birds include: House Sparrow, Pomarine Skua and Little Auk. Birds missed on patch but seen by others: Osprey, Corncrake and White-winged Black Tern. Hey Ho ... can't complain.

Plans for 2014!
No listing at all!
Less visits to Chev!
Phone switched off all day(whilst birding)?
Visiting more sites, particularly inland and those less frequented by people.
No twitching (although I failed twice in 2013, Cattle Egret and Spotted Sand).

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